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Jul 24, 2014
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My goal for this time is to continue rotating through everything in my stash so I use each item at least once this month. I only have 29 items left (out of 92), 17 of which are eyeshadows. I'm also still working on transitioning to smaller companies with better ingredients and slowly replacing my products over time. I eventually want to downsize back to the days of an average woman's makeup bag. Every time I look at my stash I try to pick out things I could get rid of.

Mar 15, 2013
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I think I am going to just keep my goals from the last ten days.

1) Don't spend money on anything other than groceries

2) Paint nails twice a week and do a mask twice a week

3) Finish up 10 items

4) Wear makeup half the week

5) Work out at least once (preferably more than once)

6) Finish another book

May 28, 2014
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I have finally moved all of my stuff into my new place! My goal for the next 10 days is to unpack, organize, streamline, and come up with a nice productive schedule.   I had to drop some serious cash at target today (sobs) to get everything that I needed but now that's out of the way.  I am going to give myself 10 more days before tracking my spending too diligently as I figure out what I am still missing and need to purchase (all non-beauty stuff, just life things).  But I think my days 21-30 goals will involve a strict budget that I keep for the remainder of these 100 days.  I am trying to ease myself into it.  Plus, I got my first paycheck for my new job today ($$$$)! So I don't feel super broke, just trying to build good habits and feel like a great human.  I probably won't be doing much posting because I won't have wifi set up in my new place for a little while but I will be reading along and liking as we go :) /emoticons/smile@2x.png 2x" width="20" height="20" />  Here's to another great 10 days with all you supportive folks!

Dec 26, 2014
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I'm ready!

1. Be proactive, not reactive to the stress I feel when dealing with my sister. I want to put together a pampering kit for myself and use it instead of wanting to shop. I'm thinking of face mask, body scrub, hair mask etc.

2. Try another blush. This is hard for me because of the rosacea, but with makeup on etc. I look too pale in pictures without blush. My rosacea is now mild and barely noticeable so it is time to get over my aversion to blush.

3. Inventory my stuff!!! I forgot to do it the first time.

4. Paint my nails once.

5. Go through my subs and decide which ones to cancel and which ones to keep.

6. Exercise!

7. Go through the items in the hallway closet and reorganize it. I need to create a place to put my items that I am using because my bedroom is cold. It is uncomfortable putting on cold lotion at night :( /emoticons/sad@2x.png 2x" width="20" height="20" />

8. I gathered up my foils and placed them on my dresser. I want to use them up in the next 10 days.

9. Learn how to use a Beauty Blender. I received one with a BB sub.

10. Learn how to use body oils. I don't know if it is in addition to body butters or in place of body butters. I have 2 full-size ones from subs that I need to use.

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Dec 13, 2011
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Looking forward to the next 10 days...I have some mini goals

1) Add a product to my project pan.  I realized that I won't suddenly need to stop using moisturizer, so since I finished one, another one has to come in to take it's place.  I'll be working on my Bulgari Eau Parfumee au The Vert moisturizer.  It's half gone already, so should be no problem to use it up before the beginning of April.

2) I normally paint my toenails once a week.  But I'd like to add in painting my fingernails once a week as well.  

3) Wear eyeshadow 5 of these 10 days.  I've been wearing my project pan primer, cc cream, touché éclat, and that damn lipliner as lipstick all week.  But if I am ever even going to start making a dent in my eyeshadows, I need to actually wear them.

4) Take inventory.  I've been avoiding it for ages.  I've got to just do it.

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Jan 17, 2014
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I'm ready to tackle some new goals!

1. Organize my eyeliners. I have them in multiple places and I'm going to try and get them organized in 1 jar my friend made me.

2. Go through my "flannel closet" as I call it. My bedroom closet is TINY. I swear it was made for a child it is SO small. So I have 2 racks in it, 1 with short sleeve shirts and 1 with tanks and then I keep my long sleeve shirts, sweaters, etc. in the hall closet. But really it's 90% flannels because I have a flannel obsession :blush: I need to try everything on and get rid of what I haven't worn in ages.

3. Wear makeup at least 5 days.

4. Paint my nails at least once.

5. Do a face mask twice.

6. Focus on the palette I want to pan.

Mar 13, 2012
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my Goals for the next 10 days are simple

1) no purchases of makeup/skincare etc.

2) focus on using up foils 

3) track empties

4) finish decluttering our guest room

Like everyone else I had a few things that cam in this week from before the no buy  so this stretch will be a bit more challenging. . I am determined!  I have WAY too much



Mar 5, 2013
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Joining. I stayed off the enablers site for awhile (for me anyway) and only spent $0.84 on the 1st for a hair tie which ultimately was to try a specific sample I wanted. My 8yo put me on a no buy because of all the packages that are on the steps when he walks in from school (and I think he thinks I'm spending his college tuition away. Lol.) He thinks I'll make it 4 weeks. I told him my last Too Faced order had three lipies and cost less then the Pokemon cards he gets on Fridays so I put him on a no Pokemon buy. Anyway I just came across the goals and think this will help keep me motivated so thank you for this!

Hind sight since I wasn't on mut for days 1-10, was to pull out something new I haven't tried yet from my stash when I wanted to buy and staying off the enablers thread. Reading this I'm now motivated to add a few more.

Days 11 - 20

1) stay out of enablers thread

2) no ordering, stick to buying groceries only

3) use up 3 foils and 3 samples, and if I'm lucky finish up 2 full size products

4) paint my nails

5) make positive food choices

6) do a face mask treatment at least twice

Here's to another 10 days!

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Nov 10, 2012
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Yay for our next set of goals!  Here are mine:

No-Buy:  Maintain!  I did a great job in the first 10 days, only buying my one "exception" item.  So I have a one package arriving this week, which will be added to my "brand new" pile.  I've committed myself to trying all of my brand new items at least once over the 100 days, and not save makeup for a "special occasion".

Bathrooms:  I keep up with everyday cleaning, but all of them need a deep cleaning after the holidays!  I'm really bad about saying "ehhhh I'll get to that later" and then forgetting, so I'm putting it here to keep me accountable!  And giving myself a bubble bath as a reward after each one is sparkly clean!

Office:  One of the coolest features of our house is having an office.  It's a spacious room, and hubby and I each have a desk in there.  It's also become the dumping ground for the first floor!  I'm cleaning out my half, and once my husband gets home from his business trip, he's promised me he'll do his half.  So my goal is 1/2 of a clean office?  Sure, that'll work.

Kid's Room:  We recently got them a bunk bed set with built-in drawers.  What I didn't realize is the drawers are TINY.  But now that I recently discovered vertical folding (mentioned in the 1-10 day thread, you can also look up "vertical shirt folding" on either Pinterest or Google), I'm going to see if I can't get a bunch of their shirts into the drawers.  

Spare Bedroom (and accompanying closet):  This is the upstairs "dumping ground".  I already got all the throw pillows out of there, now I need to sort through everything and figure out what DOES belong in there!

Donations:  I sorted out a TON of clothing to donate in the first 10 days.  But knowing me, it'll sit in a pile in the spare bedroom til spring!  So my goal is to take at least one carload to our local thrift shop this week!

Yes, it's a lot.  But I get bored easily, so I'd rather have a lot of things I can work on.  So if I get bored with scrubbing the bathroom, I can package up more donations and throw them in my car.  Or go sort craft supplies in my office.  Or try a new makeup item!  I'm excited to read everyone's new goals!  Let's make this our most productive year ever!

Mar 1, 2014
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Goals: gym 5x in the 10 days

Continue with the no buy

Continue with my pp items (UD primer, mally eyebrow, current face washes and moisturizer, etc).

Told the hubby last night that I went 10 days without buying any makeup...and he laughed and said "well, that won't last long." I'm determined to prove him wrong. He didn't mean anything about it, but I thought it was an interesting comment about my spending habits.

I do know that on 1/20, I will be making a purchase but it is within my rules (LE mac). I still consider things a success, even with that upcoming purchase. I haven't been eating out-literally spent $30 eating out this week, which isn't too bad. By this time, I probably would have purchased $100 worth of make up, memeboxes and not have thought twice.



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May 29, 2012
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My treat for getting through the first ten days was to use all the nice stuff I got in my January Birchbox, which arrived in the mail yesterday. I did that early this morning, and dried my hair. I then I put all my skin and body care foils in the new Birchbox, piled by type and brand. I also kept the pillow pack to store foils that have been opened and are being used. That was a fun morning!

Dec 9, 2013
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I'm hoping for a good 10 days!  Here are my mini-goals for this segment:

1.  Exercise!  I've been slacking and I really need to get into a routine.  I popped in a workout DVD this morning and I'm exhausted, but I've started out the week right!  I'm hoping to replace the shopping high with an exercise high!

2.  De-baggie my indie samples.  My jars came in last week, so it's time to get things into the jars and organized.

3.  Go through my lippie stash.  I have so much and don't really use that many, but I can't seem to get rid of anything.  But I want to get into indie lipsticks after the no-buy, so I need to start making room.  I think I'll organize by type and color and see if there are some dupes that I can get rid of to start.

4.  Browse the internet/Pinterest for some tasty and easy healthy recipes.  I modified a Skinny Taste recipe to make a chicken piccadillo that was really easy and yummy using only stuff I had on hand.  As part of the no-buy I'm trying to spend less money on going out to eat and using up what's in the pantry.

Because I successfully made it through my 1-10 day no buy, I'll pull out one of my Christmas gift sets as a reward!

Jan 1, 2015
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I'm excited to move on to the next set of 10 days!  My mini goals are:

1) spend 5-10 minutes doing general light clean up (picking up mail, papers, clothes, putting away dishes, etc) each night. My back has been hurting and the mess around the apartment shows it. I want to build the habit of cleaning a little each day, so I don't spend all weekend picking up the week's mess.

2) Set aside a morning or afternoon (4hrs) at work to reorganize my office, my workflow, and how i prioritize tasks. I'm not going to take the time to do this unless I set it aside and allow myself to not feel guilty about not spending the time "working", but instead improving how I work.

3) Generate 10 more empties!

Dec 2, 2014
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I have decided this week will be skin/body/life care week. My goals are:
Use a mask
Apply hair oil on my shower days (I shower every other day typically)
Spend 1 hour over the next ten days tidying my room 
Use a hand treatment every day 
Pick out my outfits for the entire week 
I have a few more things I want to do, but in the interest of not overloading myself, they won't be official goals. 
Jul 24, 2014
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Just updated my inventory again (I keep a paper one by my table so I have access to it and I also have a more detailed Excel spreadsheet with cost totals and wishlists, etc.) and realized I hadn't updated in the inventory thread for about 6 months. Perfect time to check in with what I used to have. I went from 186 items to 91 (including makeup, nail polish, and perfume) since July! Lots of transition going on and I still have more work to do until I get to where I want to be, but it was nice to check in and see some progress. It really motivates me to stick to this No Buy and downsize even more. :) /emoticons/smile@2x.png 2x" width="20" height="20" />

Dec 30, 2014
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Goals for days 11-20:

1. Use at least one mask or peel.

2. Exercise at least 8 days out of the 10 and for a minimum of 20 minutes each time.

3. Eat out tonight (b/c it is my son's birthday) and only one other time maximum. I am trying for no more times.

4. Use up at least 5 more items and keep track of them.

5. Keep my hair straightened every work day.

6. Have all lesson plans complete for the following week by the time I leave each Friday so that I don't have to work on lessons at home.

7. Go grocery shopping only once each weekend only for items to use with what we already have at home so we can use up food items. Search sales ads and coupons for discounts before shopping.

8. Return a Christmas item to Target that didn't fit my daughter.

9. Don't buy any makeup or skincare items.

10. Drink only 2 sodas at work this week.

11. Cancel one subscription box.

Mar 7, 2014
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My goals for 11-20:

1. Don't shop for makeup, but that should be obvious.

2. Use a mask twice.

3. Paint my nails twice and my toe nails once.

4. Use a hair mask at least once.

5. Inventory my makeup now that I have it organized.

6. Learn how to use/what's the reason to use 3 of my samples.  I have a lot of samples that I'm not even certain what they are or how they are suppose to be used.

7. Decorate the shoe box that holds my nail polish.  I needed to reinforce the bottom, so I did that last night, but now it looks kind of weird, so I'm going to decorate it to make it look less like a tacky shoe box.

8. Make a space for the storage drawers that I ordered, and fill them with my yarn stash.  I already have an idea where I want them, but it is currently over run with all my yarn plus a bunch of other stuff.

9. Call the driving school that I've already paid for and set up a time to go over there (I've been meaning to do this for months, this needs to be done, but I keep forgetting to do it, so hopefully adding it here will remind me).

10. (Optional) Measure my bed and purchase enough underbed storage totes to fit under there.

There's a lot I want to get accomplished, but I do have 4 days off this week, so it shouldn't be unmanageable.

Oct 1, 2014
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I need to keep this going. I like breaking this into 10 day chunks of time, feels more manageable. Here's my 5 new goals for the next 10 days:

Must stay within monthly budget. Continue with my original goals plus:

1. Finish Organization (almost done)

2. If a product doesn’t work for me, toss (don’t hold onto it)

3. Do a mask every other day

4. Only swap for items on my wishlist

5. Try to sell higher priced items on Ebay

Jul 22, 2014
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My goals for the next 10 days:

Use up more of my samples. I was surprised by how many empties I had for the first 10 days.

Go through my perfume samples- I've organized them all so now I just need to test them out. Today is day 2 of wearing different samples and so far I've liked both of them.

Keep using the makeup I have instead of buying new stuff! I have so many products that I love but forget about. Now's my chance to rediscover them.


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