September 2014 No/Low Buy: Hugs, Commiseration, and Confessional

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Dec 10, 2013
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I never did make any rules or plans for September. I just kept procrastinating on buying things. I ended up spending a grand total of $329, which continues my downward trend. I would have come in under $300, but I got lazy about canceling my non-skippable Julep sub, and was renewed for 3 more months. I thought about it and decided the subscription is worth $20/month for a few more months, plus at the end of it I'll have a free month in points. Now that I'm thinking in terms of my whole budget though, I ought to have cancelled. $20 on even MORE nail polish is a poor use of my money. 


  • Continued the downward trend from last month.
  • My only nail polish purchase was the monthly Julep box. This is the least I've spent on nail polish since discovering Julep.
  • I talked myself out of so many Memeboxes, including my original plan to use a 15% off of $150 discount.
  • If I make another Memebox purchase, it has to be after I receive my current order. That means I have until mid-December to get really good at predicting good/bad boxes. It's fun to follow along without actually having to buy any boxes.
  • My newfound love of indie eyeshadow samples is making it so much easier to resist all the holiday palettes/sets.
  • BeautyDNA is helping me avoid impulse skincare and haircare purchases. This is exactly what I'd hoped.
Not so good

  • I spent $162 on cosmetics. That is unnecessary. Stop it.
  • I still intend to make a high-end makeup brush purchase soon, and that won't be cheap.

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