The bachelorette Chad Johnson Versus the other castmates

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I have to say hes made the entire bachelorette show thus far I will be sad to see him go.Jojo is very boring she doesnt have a personality she doesnt do or say anything worthy of being on a tv show so without Chad I dont think I would of watched the show up until now.I feel like I'am on team Chad I see how the other guys bullied / harassed him daily and talked about him nonstop and I  cant say I blame him for defending himself.They talked s**t about him the entire time if someone did the same to me I would also confront them and people are afraid of confrontation.People love to talk about people but they act a different way when that person confronts them about it.Also the guys mom died so I mean I wouldnt go out of my way to be a jerk to someone who already has stuff going on in their personal life thats an A****** move.

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