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May 29, 2012
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I would like to write about the subscription service Sakara. Sakara is a meal delivery program that sends customers prepared, high quality plant-based meals. Everything is exquisitely done. It's notorious for being expensive. I wanted to get it anyway, because I feel like I am spending an insane amount having meals delivered from Door Dash. I just cannot stop ordering. I try to buy groceries, but my bill is always big and I always end up feeling hungry anyway. There never seems to be enough food for me. And even going to someplace like Taco Bell seems to be getting more and more expensive.

My goal in trying Sakara: I do weigh almost 200 pounds (last time I checked), but that's not my primary reason for purchasing Sakara. I just want to break my bad habit of eating takeout food. I love it, and would rather be overweight than give up my eating, but I don't want to be broke. The whole issue of food, thinking about food, is frustrating to me. I hate cooking and preparing and cleaning up meals. I used to pursue beauty subscriptions so I would just have wonderful products sent to me in the mail without having to make choices and face temptation, and to me Sakara is like the Birchbox or Glossybox of food!

I tried Sakara before a few years ago. I just tried one box. I did like it. I recall being at my office having exquisite teas and salads. I just wanted to try Sakara so, so badly. But I did not continue, feeling the cost was too high.

Signing up: Sakara has several different plans, depending on what area of the US you are in. I saw that they now have a weekend plan in my area, and it is the least expensive option: $169. This provides six meals for the weekend: Friday dinner, Saturday breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and Sunday breakfast and lunch. That's $28.16 per meal, I know, but I spend that much on pizza, ice cream, takeout, and I feel so guilty; at least with Sakara I feel I'll be getting some health and beauty benefits for the money.

I really would like this to work. Anyway, it will be fun to write about. I will write about the food I get, and what results I see. I really believe that purchasing this food will make me beautiful and happy, the same way I believe in high end beauty products. The service has a glamorous image (beautiful founders, packaging, clientele) so it makes me feel glamorous to take part in it.

*I promise I'm not an affiliate! I don't like selling. I do enough of it at work. I am reporting personal experience and happily paid full price for my Sakara. Also, not giving health advice. I'm the last person you want want dietary advice from, haha.

Has anyone else tried Sakara, or are you interested in it? Do you like food subscription plans?

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