Vanderpump Rules What do you think of each one on the show ?

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I watch the show for James Kennedy I like his personality the best.Jax I cant stand I also dont think hes even attractive I have seen better looking guys even at the mall lol.Stassi cant stand her I think shes a major you know what and hate to say it but I never thought she was pretty even after her lip / botox injections and boob reduction she still looks terrible.Schena annoys me I cant stand her fake persona / personality.Lala is also annoying and she makes rude comments about people she hangs out with on the show who are her friends so thats messed up.The two toms I also dont find attractive they also have no personality.Ariana is seriously depressed all the time and a very negative person overall cant stand her life always sucks attitude.

Jan 27, 2013
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Houston, TX
I haven't really watched it a lot, just have it on background sometimes. Katie seems okay though and I have to agree that Stassi is annoying.


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