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Apr 24, 2020
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Hi everyone I'm a fresh graduate and a k-beauty lover. I don't have a lot of Asian skincare because the renowned ones are quite expensive for me (I'm just a fresh graduate T-T)... Of course I don't buy from official website. So I tend to look for some online retailers that can offer a lower price. There are numerous but I am greedy enough to look for the one that offers the lowest price. I think I find one but still wonder if there is a better (better price) store.

I have been buying from TofuSecret (I don't hear about it a lot, so I guess it is quite new?). They claim to offer the lowest price I can ever find. I think this is true since I really do compare TofuSecret with other more famous retailer website and yeah they offer the same products at a lower price.

And TofuSecret claim the products are 100% authentic. I have friends who are rich enough to buy skincare through an official channel (they don't believe much in online retail store), so I asked them to compare what I bought from TofuSecret with what they bought from official channel. And they are just the same.

btw, TofuSecret offer alcohol sanitizer too. Didn't expect to see this category in a skincare store actually.....

Despite low price, the package they sent me didn't look cheap. Actually my purchase was over 30 USD, so they offered a free delivery and I didn't expect much about the packaging. I mean I was ready to receive a cheap-looking package but it ended up that I rang the false alarm. Look at the photos,

I had it delivered to my office <3, it makes my mood better to work lol.

One of the items I bought, I tried to photograph it in a professional way lol. Hope it is not an eyesore.

At least the thank you note can be used to decorate your office (just kidding)

If you become a regular customer, you can save a lot of dollars given their loyalty program. I remember I saved 6 dollars on my second purchases because of the 6 loyalty points I gained from my first purchase of 56.4 USD.

Sooo this is my sharing and it is really very much appreciated if you can offer any better (price) source to buy Asian skincare. ^-^ Thank you!!!



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