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Oct 17, 2018
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[SIZE=12pt]Bollywood’s superstar, Sonam Kapoor is an International fashion icon, adored for her style. Be it the red carpet, airport looks, public appearances, etc. she always dressed on point, giving us major fashion goals.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=12pt]Below are some styling tips given by the fashionista herself.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=12pt]1.      [/SIZE][SIZE=12pt]Add A Pop of Colour:[/SIZE][SIZE=12pt] Do you own a lot of monochromes and greys? If yes, it’s time to add some bright colours to your wardrobe. Include some reds, blues, yellows and pinks and own it like a boss![/SIZE]

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[SIZE=12pt]2.      [/SIZE][SIZE=12pt]Invest in Statement Pieces: [/SIZE][SIZE=12pt]Sonam Kapoor[/SIZE][SIZE=12pt] firmly believes in investing in statement pieces such as large necklaces, sequined purses, brooches or even cocktail rings. Most of these come within the budget and look absolutely stunning.[/SIZE]

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[SIZE=12pt]3.      [/SIZE][SIZE=12pt]Indian is NOT Boring: [/SIZE][SIZE=12pt]If you prefer donning Indian clothes, don’t think it’s boring. You could always pair your sarees or salwar suits with attractive accessories such as bling jhumkas or a statement clutch.[/SIZE]

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[SIZE=12pt]4.      [/SIZE][SIZE=12pt]Experiment with Styles: [/SIZE][SIZE=12pt]Never stop experimenting. A change in your looks every now and then is a good thing. A new hairstyle, a different saree drape, etc. are some styles you should try out.[/SIZE]

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[SIZE=12pt]5.      [/SIZE][SIZE=12pt]Let Your Eyes Do the Talking: [/SIZE][SIZE=12pt]Sonam Kapoor loves eye make-up. Whet[/SIZE][SIZE=12pt]her it’s just a kajal with a lip gloss or shimmering eye shadow or even some dramatic eye make-up, she neve shies away from experimenting with her looks that steal the show.[/SIZE]


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