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Jan 24, 2006
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My boyfriend and I plan to get married in a few years and I am just so overwhelmed with the whole wedding process.  I don't like the idea of having a wedding planner for financial reasons and because I really like the idea of planning it myself.   If I had it my way we'd just have a quick little shindig with a couple friends and family, but he wants a real wedding.  The only thing I'm set on is I want a non-traditional dress like champagne colored because I hate white.  If I had guts I'd go for something like a deep purple.

So how do you plan a wedding?

May 24, 2006
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Why not split up some of the responsibility with relatives.

You and your groom can look after the big stuff like booking a hall, church, music, photographer.

But let a select few also help with some of the minor things.

Sit down and share your feelings, and trust that they will do a decent job. They will need to show you anyways, before you pay for anything.

My mom made the floral arrangements; she and mother in law decorated the reception area.

There were only 45 guests so it wasn't too much work.

On a side note - when it is all said and done you will remember all the lovely times and forget about the negative stuff (at your wedding).

So don't sweat the small stuff because it doesn't matter anyhow.

Feb 27, 2007
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I want to plan it ALL myself!

I'm that type of person. I would however have my sisters and mom be doing some of the small things like floral arrangments, centerpeices, even the cake maybe. You could even have a photographer friend do the photos if that was an option for you.

When my mom got married, her best friend made her 4 tier cake. He made cakes as a profession, so that was his gift to her.

Her uncle decorated the entire reception area, he too did these things professionally. He did all the balloons, flowers, streamers, lights....

When both my cousins got married recently, it was the girls (cousins, aunts...) that made all the centerpieces. They had input on what they wanted it to look like, but they were put together by the girls.

If you feel to over whelmed, have friends or family help. I'm sure they would be flattered you asked, and very happy to help.

Since your bf wants a traditional big wedding, why not get him to help plan it too. Sometimes the male is left out of the planning, yet he may have some thoughts and suggestions too. I mean it is his day as well, right.

When it come time, I think everything will just fall into place.


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